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Direct Mail

DM is an art in itself. How do you achieve high open rates? Once opened what does your message say to the potential donor? What makes them send back a gift and what makes them give again and again? RBA can offer clients a multitude of solutions for direct mail campaigns. Extremely personalised communications, high quality design and production and an effective case for support are all key elements we can help with to achieve high response rates. We can provide a full service, working closely with our clients from data cleaning through to dispatch, or give consultancy on particular aspects of the process, such as data segmentation or the design or copy. Through our advanced Direct Mail service with client-tailored premiums RBA provides a solution to increase opening and response rates even further, both for donor acquisition and retention. Traditional Direct Mail campaigns commonly have giving rates of 1%-5%. Direct Mail campaigns with added premiums consistently result in significantly higher giving rates of 7%-30%. We discuss client requirements individually, advising on the best methods, cost options and return rates.

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