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Callroom Management Software

Our sophisticated software telewizardô has been designed and developed exclusively by ourselves for educational affinity-fundraising by telephone. We invite you to see it demonstrated, compare its many features to the other systems and see for yourselves how carefully it has been crafted to maximise not only fundraising success and alumni relations, but data gathering to both improve donor qualification AND involve alumni in wider engagement initiatives. Through dynamic queries telewizardô handles an extensive range of external relations issues such as: careers support, marketing, finding 'losts', putting people back in touch, promoting events and gathering news for publications. This means aside from being closely matched to their conversation partners, prompts to the callers appear on screen reactive to information they have just entered. Callers are also guided through making a case for support, asking and taking fulfillment details effectively and securely. Our systems are certified PCI DSS compliant. telewizardô is set up to mirror client databases including their drop down lists and field lengths for easy re-importation post calling, and designed in mind with gathering useful data for queries and filtering (not just lengthy call notes). telewizardô is available as part of a comprehensive phone campaign or for lease on a monthly, annual or multi-year basis.

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